11th Annual Channel Session in Horten, Norway

11th Channel Session in Horten, Norway

The 11th Annual Channel Session skateboard contest will be taking place August 22nd – 23rd 2009 in Horten, Norway together with Quiksilver Bowlriders. The combination of Bowlriders & Channel-Session represents a hot
ticket and the event is already rated as a favourite among both skateboarders and audiences.

Channel-Session manager, Mr Gunnar Løge is superstoked: “This event represents the unique camaraderie, the good vibe and the mindboggling skateboarding the Norwegian skateboarding community is so famous for and proud of”, he said. The athletes will compete in street, vert and bowl disciplines for a collective prize pool of approximately EUR 5000.

Seven-Eleven will also stage a mini-ramp-comp for 8-12 year olds with prizes such as skateboards, t-shirts and more it seems. The best run of the day in this comp will also be awarded a miniramp from Quiksilver! Damn, that’s a nice prize!

International skaters are encouraged to join in on the fun and you are most welcome to sign up on site or contact john@quiksilvercamp.no for further info.

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