12 Year Old Alex deCunha Skateboarding Skills Are Mad

Watch how good Alex deCunha is at 12 years of age!

Another young skateboarding gun gets ready to take the world by storm – watch this video clip!

It’s not like it is a huge deal these days that the skills of younger skaters is growing stronger at much younger ages. I mean just look at the media coverage, the strength of the skateboarding marketing power to push the idea of how “cool” skateboarding is as well as amount of money involved in this market. It’s come close to mainstream – I’m holding back saying it is mainstream as it hurts a bit – with large supermarket chains selling skateboards and the clothing/shoes being worn by all types of people who have nothing to do with the ideals behind skateboarding.

Also growing up seeing the new tricks the pros and sponsored skaters are doing in magazines and in videos, the kids are surely not going to go and try out only old tricks. But still it happens that some of these kids show that bit of incredible talent at a very young age. One of these skaters is 12 year old Alex deCunha out of Milton Keynes, UK. He’s sponsored by (according to his MySpace page) Death Skateboards, DVS Shoes, Quiksilver Clothing and he represents the Boardroom skatepark in Leicester. Look out for him in the near future – this kid makes me want to go learn some tricks right now!

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