Skull Bowl Jam 2009 on video

Starting the day I was checking out other skate sites around the globe and the guys from Caught in the Crossfire had put up the following bowl contest video which features over 10 minutes of really insane bowl runs at the Skull Bowl Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest, California. Enjoy Dylan Witkin, Andrew Miller, Nick Rivera, Daniel Vargas, Shane Cox, Danny Greene and several “older” skaters at the end of the video.

The best trick was won with a jump off the fence into shallow end by Tristan Rennie. Some of the lip tricks were just outrageous and the boneless one into the bowl flat is just f%&ked up! No pads, man! And Nick Gates the funniest skate contest announcer I have ever heard – he’s off the hook! Hope the video doesn’t stop on you – it seems to be a bit large for YouTube…

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