1st Annual LA Skate Film Festival Winners Announced

1st Annual LA Skate Film Festival Winners Announced

It’s a wrap – the 1st Annual LA Skate Film Festival celebrated the winners just this past weekend. Find out who won and I can really recommend the well done and winning international film “Plank” about the upcoming and massively talented Nassim Guammaz – click here to watch the video over on Tacky.nl!

Best Emerging Filmmaker: SYMMETRY, Directed and Produced by Dayman Cash

Best International Film: PLANK, Directed by Billy Pols, Produced by Maarten Kuit. Executive Producer: Jeroen Van Den Idsert

Best Skate Shop Video: THE DANGO IS DEAD, Directed and produced by Joe Perrin. Executive Producer: John Montesi

Best Independent Film: MACHOTAILDROP, Directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig, Produced Oliver Linsley and Jared Valentine, Executive Producers: Shon Tomlin and CJ Olivares

Best Documentary: SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE KABUL, directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel, Produced by Orlando Von Einsiedel and Louis Figgis. Executive Producers: Jon Prever, Thanh Ma, Rod Stanley

Best Commercial: NESTLE AERO, Directed by Ty Evans, Produced by Nathan De La Rionda. Executive Producer: Dana Garman

Best US Film: EXTREMELY SORRY, directed by Flip Productions, produced by Ewan Bowman. Executive Producers: Geoff Rowley and Jeremy Fox, Claymation: Edgar Alvarez, Original Music: Baron

Best Soundtrack: EXTREMELY SORRY. Original Music: Baron
Best Editing: WOOD, Directed by Colin Kennedy, Produced by Cullen Pythress. Executive Producer: Tim Gavin

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