2 pairs of VOID Trucks up for grabs!!!

2 pairs of VOID Trucks up for grabs!!!

That’s right, not one pair but two pairs of VOID Trucks – the first European skateboard truck brand out of Portugal – are waiting for YOU to get sent home and all you have to do is this:

– send in a picture of YOU skating.
– send in a picture of your face – a portrait, just making sure you understand – to show everybody who you are and as proof that you are the skater.
– Send your entry by September 12th, 2008 to this email address (you have to write the AT sign correctly!) : freestuff AT europeskate.com

That’s it! Depending on the amount of entries we get we’ll either choose the winner ourself (usually we don’t get a lot of entries for free stuff, a bit strange if you ask me so just try it, you could easily win!) or if we get a lot of entries we’ll let the Europeskate community choose from the top ten entries! Good luck and send in those pictures.

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