2009 Skate & Create: C1RCA Broken Dreams

2009 Skate & Create: C1RCA Broken Dreams

The DVS Skate & Create 2009 entry was already a mouth-watering ordeal and C1RCA comes in with another beauty – here’s the official intro to the video from Dennet Oyanguren, the C1RCA Creative Director:

The Broken Dreams concept was to put together a short film about skateboarding achieving a few different things. One was to put skateboarding and the viewer in a different environment than normal. The other was to have the team put together obstacles that they would like to see and session out in the real streets, that are good for tricks, as well as challenging and interesting to look at; design them, build them, and put those obstacles in our unique setting. Then finally, telling a story rather than just showing tricks going down, adding a storyline and capturing a feeling, and putting the viewer in a moment in time.

The story we tell in Broken Dreams is a story about a guy who is having a session with his krüe. As the night grew later and darker, he started to get very tired. He was not sure if he wanted to stay or go. He decided to leave the session at around four in the morning. As he’s driving, he began to fall asleep at the wheel. As he dozed off nothing seemed to make any sense, “Am I still driving? Am I still at the session? Have I crashed?” These are his thoughts in his dream state. To achieve this concept and to capture this dark “Broken Dream,” we worked strong as a team bringing all of our thoughts together. Creative, filming, photography, lighting, props, obstacles, beer and raw skateboarding were the tools we used to get this piece done.

C1RCA Teamriders: MVP Peter Ramondetta, Sierra Fellers, Scott Decenzo, Tony Tave, Ryan Gallant, Walker Ryan.
Video Director Lee DuPont
Art Director Dennet Oyanguren
Production Manager Chris Zamoscianyk

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