Florentin Marfaing - Photo by Julien Deniau

Kicking off 2014 with Florentin Marfaing!

Man, it’s been seriously the longest break I’ve taken from Europeskate in the past 10 years – over two months of no updates but nobody has been crying so everything is cool.

Still, I want to keep up my work on the site as it has always been a lot of fun to see how skateboarding is developing, new spots keep being built and where skateboarding is heading with the ever larger integration of big corporations in our favorite past time (make sure you read up about it over at JENKEM Magazine!). Luckily, I’ve stayed independent with Europeskate all of these years so I write and present what ever I want, whenever I want to.

As the amount of skateboard websites keeps growing which is quite cool on the one hand, I will be concentrating even more on publishing European related news and stories on the site to keep the site focused on what it’s about. I’ll continue to use the social networks for republishing cool stuff and once and a while also here, but mostly it’s about the European scene and my ongoing United Skateboard Photography book project which has also missed me a lot in the past month.

So let’s get things started with a video and word interview with Florentin Marfaing over on the Red Bull Skateboarding website, the man has been around for a long time and still rips!

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