2nd Annual Copenhagen Pro contest date changed!

Copenhagen Pro 2008

More info just floated in today through Revival Distribution about the changed date for the 2nd Annual Copenhagen Pro contest. Here’s the official info release:

In a move designed to help streamline the European summer contest schedule and to help facilitate the highest possible pro rider turn out, DVS announces that it has officially changed the dates of its 2nd annual Copenhagen Pro contest.

DVS VP of Marketing Tim Gavin says moving the contest dates works better logistically. “Our previous dates overlapped with other skate events which would have made it difficult for many top pros to attend our event,” says Gavin. “With our new dates in place, the CPH pro and the Mystic Cup in Prague are now back to back which we feel will help make travel easier for skaters, editors, and spectators to attend both events.”

To help spread the word, DVS has launched a Copenhagen Pro mini Web Site. The new site, www.dvsskate.com/cphpro, is a subdivision of dvsshoes.com and will serve as a practical travel guide for skaters, attendees, and press. The content gives online viewers an overview of the event as well as useful travel information like directions, places to crash, food spots, party spots, as well as a list of tourist attractions you might want to check out while you’re touring Scandinavia.

To find out more about CPH Pro 2008 please visit
See you in Copenhagen!

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