2nd Annual Copenhagen PRO results and more

Wow! I was off doing my own thing this weekend, leaving the computer be so I just found out this morning about what happened in Copenhagen at the 2nd annual CPH PRO contest. Big word up to Renton Millar who actually pushed through to first place in the vert contest.

As the guys from Tackyworld have yet again done a great job of covering the event, get over there to check out the words, pictures and videos from the event.

– Tackyworld.com complete 2nd Annual Copenhagen PRO coverage

Final Results
1. Renton Millar
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Neal Hendrix
4. Marcelo Kosake
5. Anthony Furlong

1. Danny Cerezini
2. Diego Oliveira
3. Eero Antilla
4. Jereme Rogers
5. John Rattray
6. Eric Koston
7. Elton Melino
8. Daniel Viera
9. Matt Beach
10. Rob Gonzales
11. Pontus Alv
12. Willian Seco

Best Trick
1. Diego Oliveira – Nollie flip frontside 5-0 on the rail
2. Danny Cerezini – Nollie flip frontside boardslide fakie on the rail
3. Lewis Marnell – Switch big flip down the grass gap
4. Willian Seco – Nollie heelflip boardslide on the rail
5. Jereme Rogers – Switch heelflip boardslide on the rail

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