411 Video Magazine and Skateboard.com to collaborate

411 video magazine and Skateboard.com

According to an announcement on the 411 video magazine website, 411 and skateboard.com will/are combining their media power to reach more skaters/users through their online platforms. 411VM is definitely most well known for their video magazines which have almost become an institution for some and continue to expand their web presence with online videos.
Skateboard.com is a social community for skateboarders with videos, photo galleries, forum, a event calendar, news and trick tips which looks well organized – just like Europeskate *haha*. No serious now, after doing some basic research I found out that both companies belong to the Sportnet which is in turn part of the Wassermann Media Group which has some serious power in the sports industry. Here’s the Sportnet “About Us” so that you can understand what they do:

“Featuring the best in immersive sports coverage, Sportnet is a growing network of industry-leading sport sites that cover Action Sports, Olympic Sports and High School Sports. We combine the best live and on-demand content, with credible exclusive coverage, a community forum for dedicated fans, and user generated content. For consumers, Sportnet is the ultimate destination for best-in-brand content, live events, and a growing fan community. For marketers, Sportnet is the ideal environment to target consumers passionate about sports.

Sportnet produces custom content across multiple categories while also obtaining exclusive digital rights to their premium live events. Features include highlights clips, athlete interviews, lifestyle segments, and more. We have exclusive content deals with the AST Dew Tour, the AMA motocross series for Motocross.com, and an exclusive webcast deal with the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing for Surfspot.com. Leveraging the aggregated sports content of Sportnet properties, Sportnet has also established high-level programming relationships with major online traffic portals such as YouTube, Google Video, Joost, Apple iTunes Store, MySpace, IFILM and more.

A Wasserman Media Group company
Wasserman Media Group (WMG) is a worldwide leader in sports management, consulting, marketing, and content. WMG is also the holding company for the Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League.”

Stay tuned to see how this collaborative effort works out for the future.


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