4th annual Pro-tec Pool Party with Vans webcast

This upcoming weekend the 4th annual Pro-tec Pool Party will be taking place at the recently remodeled Vans Skatepark in Orange, California with 40 top pros, masters and ladies skating against each other to take a part of the $90,000 prize purse. The bowl setup is a tough one – it’s an almost exact replica of the Upland Combi bowl which had some victims in it’s day.

For those of us who can’t just jump on a plane and get a ticket to watch it in person, we can catch all of the action with the live webcast right on the Vans.com website Saturday, May 17th starting at 1:00 pm to 9 pm (I’m guessing that is Pacific time so do your math to find out when it is showing on your computer!) And while you are watchign you have the chance to win a guitar signed by all of the winners and win two passes to the Vans Warped Tour.

Expected Riders Include:
Pros — Rune Glifberg, Bucky Lasek, Omar Hassan, Bob Burnquist, Benji Galloway, Bruno Passos, Josh Borden, Lincoln Ueda, Sergie Ventura, Nolan Johnson, Remy Stratton, Jimmy the Greek

Masters — Chris Miller, Steve Caballero, Jeff Grosso, Lance Mountain, Steve Alba, Lester Kasai, Ben Schroeder, Buck Smith, Micke Alba, Mike Barnes, Tony Magnusson, Pat Ngoho, Steve Steadham

Ladies — Cara-Beth Burnside, Lyn-Z Adams, Mimi Knoop, Julie Kindstrand, Jodie MacDonald, Apryl Woodcock, Holly Lyons, Heidi Fitzgerald, Nicole Zuck, Cressey Rice, Amelia Brodka, Annie Sullivan

Judges — include Christian Hosoi, Steve Olson and Bryce Kanights

Last year’s winners:
Pro — Rune Glifberg
Masters — Chris Miller
Ladies — Cara-Beth Burnside

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