5.1 Fahrvergnuegen video premiere tomorrow in Hamburg

This weekend a lot is happening up in the northern German city of Hamburg. The finals of the German Skateboard Championships in street skating take place Staurday and Sunday in the I-Punkt Skateland park and tomorrow evening the premiere of 5.1’s “Fahrvergnügen” skate video is taking place and this is video not to be missed.

So another skate video some might say. There are loads of videos out there. Sure, but when you get to put Alex Mizurov, Jan Kliewer, Laif Draasch, Paco Elles and Phillip Schuster into one video which is sponsored by an array of companies, it looks like a winner in the making. The premiere of “Fahrvergnügen” (by the way, that’s German for “driving pleasure”) starts at 11pm at the Streits theater in Hamburg city. 400 people are invited and the makers will even be holding a speech to make it all official. A meet and greet session will follow with some free beer and party till we drop! Looking forward to it!

To find out more you can visit their website (in German) here…

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