6th annual Labskaus skateboard contest in Hamburg

6th annual Labskaus skateboard contest in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany is getting bigger and bigger in the skateboard scene with the amount of new spots being built, the skateboard teams and companies that are getting ever better riders and of course with the nationally known “Labskaus” contest which is hitting it’s sixth year.

Now what the hell is “Labskaus”? It’s a special meal for the region and to be honest, you have to try it – the main ingredients are salted meat or corned beef, potatoes, herring, onion and beetroot. The fist time you see it you could think somebody just puked on a plate but I love it!

The “Labskaus/City Tour Contest” will start at the Planten und Blomen Park at 3 in the afternoon, check the map below for directiosn! The Blockparty dudes are throwing a party in the “Golden Salon/ Hafenklang” bar the night before which always has a bunch of skaters playing a Game of SKATE completely drunk – great way to start the contest weekend!

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Labskaus contest in Hamburg

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