8th Marisquiño contest in Vigo, Spain August 9th-10th

8th Marisquiño contest in Vigo Spain

It’s good when there are people out there keeping me informed on a regular basis about events as sometimes some just slip right through those tiny e-mail holes and disappear.

Fredo is the man contacting me about this event in Vigo, Spain. He has been organizing it every year since 2000, starting off as a skate-only event and growing into an action sports event, but with a high level of skating. Just two years ago Javier Sarmiento and Rodrigo Teixeira were there and 2007 skaters from Argentina and Brazil took the podium.

Official video from the 2007 event

Extra video 1 from last year
Extra video from 2006

There is prize money as well: 1st 1800€, 2nd 800€, 3rd 400€, 4th 200€ and 5th 100€

Here’s where Vigo is on the map, maybe you are nearby and you don’t even know!

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contest flyer

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