A Few Words With Pedro Barros

A Few Words With Pedro Barros

I feel quite lucky to have been able to hook up with Pedro Barros and his father Andre once again after being able to get an interview with Pedro last year. He’s exactly the type of skater that makes me want to continue skating whatever I encounter – bowls, vert, street, it doesn’t matter. Watching him pull off what he tries with his smooth style in every terrain is just eyecandy and his easy-going attitude with people around him keeps my sympathy for this extraordinary skater at a high.

Pedro Barros starts 2010 off by winning both of this year’s Bowl-A-Rama contests in New Zealand and Australia, even leaving Bucky Lasek and Bob Burnquist behind him at the Bondi Beach event. Here are a few words from the skater of the hour in my eyes – keep it going Pedro!

How’s it feel to win both of the Bowl-A-Rama 2010 contests in New Zealand and Australia?

16,000 dollars – you get to feel good…just kidding! That was my dream to come to these two events. That was enougth for me. It feels really good to win these contests against guys like Bucky, Omar, Runie, Otavio, Josh Borden, etc…

As we’ve been following your development as a skater quite closely, you are known as a bowl/pool shredder as well. Can you say that you had a bonus because of your experience with bowl riding?

Definately. I grew up in a place where all I could skate was this. That is my base.

Pedro Barros, Bucky Lasek and Bob Burnquist

How did you land on the Pocket Pistols team? How’s it feel for you being on the same team with names like Lee Ralph, Ben Schroeder or Tom Groholski – skaters that influenced “old skaters” like myself already?

Chicken is the man!! The team is the best and the board is just so good. I met Chicken once and his house was one of my first back yard pools that I skated. He always knew that I was sponsored by Drop Dead Skateboards since I was 3 years old and they became a part of my life, like a familly. I showed Chicken Drop Dead boards and he loved them. So it ended up that I skate for PPS and Drop Dead. That was so sick as both accepted that. How good are these two guys.

Travelling the world at your age and taking so many good experiences with you must make growing up a lot different than other people your age. Is it all good or do you miss being “the normal” kid on the block sometimes?

I still have such a normal life!! When Im in Brazil I go to school and have all my friends. My life is always around skate!!!!

Do you still go to school? Or are you focusing completely on skateboarding now?

I do go to school. Its ok for me.

A happy winner - Pedro Barros!

I forgot to ask in the last interview – what type of music gets you hyped for skating? Any special food or drinks which give you super grinding or air power *laugh* ?

I love Ramones, Agent Orange, Dead Kennedy, things like that. Brazilian beans are the secret!!!

It’s been a while since we talked to each other – any special tricks you are working on in vert currently?

I dont skate much vert as I don’t have my half pipe any more as I moved to a new spot. What I do is just skate bowls sessions and try to do something different every day

What do you have planned for 2010? Any trips or projects currently planned?

I want to go to all bowl contests and vert as I can… Europe is one place that I want to go this year. (editor’s note: yes please! get over here!!!)

Do you see yourself as an influence on other skaters your age or younger? Especially in Brazil do you see a lot more kids trying to skate vert or pools more?

I thing so, it’s a new generation coming out in Brazil. New skate parks with bowls are being built. That’s good…

Any last words for your growing number of fans out there?
Skate for fun, make it part of your life naturally. Skate is something you can take for ever and to anywhere. Thank you Europeskate for all….Hope to meet you guys and to see you in Brazil!!

Thanks to John Rintoul, Chris Ortiz, John Fox and the World Cup of Skateboarding for the photos and the competitions!

» More pictures can be found here!

Pedro flying high as usual!
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