Aaron Homoki 360s The Gap At Marseille

Aaron Homoki 360s The Gap At Marseille

Aaron Homoki made a stop with the Birdhouse team in Marseille, France a few days ago and – of course – made sure to hit the legendary concrete skatepark right next to the Mediterranean Sea which has attracted just about every top pro skater around. Following the steps of skaters no less than Omar Hassan and John Cardiel, Aaron flew over the main gap between the front flow area of the park into the second largest bowl with a huge 360 air!

If you’ve ever been there, you know how mad that is! Check out the Omar Hassan and John Cardiel videos as well to see how you can easily eat concrete trying this stunt…mad!

Aaron Homoki 360 at Marseille
John Cardiel at Marseille
Omar Hassan at Marseille
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