Aaron Sweeney wins the Cantelowe Quiksilver Bowlriders qualifier

The good weather seems to be spreading all over Europe (except for down south….) and the latest stop in the Quiksilver Bowlriders 2008 series had the sun beaming down on the smooth looking Cantelowe skatepark in London. The Gyppo Army is sure taking the scene with a furious onslaught of skateboard presence and consistently good skating. Aaron Sweeney ripped the park to bits taking first with the Scottish skater Benson coming in a close second it seems, even after just landing that morning after a long flight from the States. Third place goes to Kevin McKeon, yet another Gyppo Army man. I’m looking forward to seeing Aaron up in Malmö in two weeks!

1. Aaron Sweeney
2. Benson
3. Kevin McKeon
4. Marek Litinsky
5. Sam Beckett
6. Pool Shark

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More Skateboarding Videos >>
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