Aberdare skatepark in Wales!

This is the first park out of Wales to get in here and I am real happy to put it in. I used to live for three years in Swansea, Wales and it was hard to find something good to skate unless you were a street skater.
They have a great looking concrete pool area plus a street area on top that makes me want to get over there to visit my relatives again! Make sure you check it out if you are over in Wales, looks like a good weekend trip…remember the weather guys, it is Wales so be ready for rain! For more info hit the park’s website which is up-to-date!

Aberdare skatepark website

Here’s the map, hope I got the spot right – if not, I bet just about everyone in that town knows about the park!:

[gmap name=’Aberdare’ lat=’51.713452′ lng=’-3.44077′ width=’680′ zoom=’8′ desc=’Aberdare, Wales’]

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