Adidas Skateboard Clash 2009 final results and video

5. Adidas Skateboard Clash in Berlin

Another big contest is over and the final results are in from the 5. Adidas Skateboard Clash in Berlin, Germany from this past weekend. The man of the weekend has yet again come back to surprise many: Bastien Salabanzi rolled into first place in the street contest. Check out the latest video from the Sunday action and all of the results below!

Final Results Street

1. Bastien Salabanzi (F) 3.000€
2. Axel Cruysberghs (BE) 2.000€
3. Thomas Weber (D) 1.000€
4. Yannick Schall (D) 400€
5. Maxim Genin (F) 200€
6. Mack McKelton (D) 100€
7. Ruben Rodrigues (P) 100€
8. Helder Lima (P) 100€

Results “Death or Glory Bowl Jam”

1. Martin Jurasek (CZ) 500€
2. Jürgen Horrwarth (D) 300€
3. Anders Tellen (D) 200€
4. Julian Dykmans (D) 100€
5. Seb Daurel (F) 100€
6. Jan Tomsovsky (CZ) 100€

Best Trick Pier 7 Manual Pad
Helder Lima (P) 300€

Best Trick China Banks
Andre Gerlich (D) 300€

Best Trick Double Set, Rail, Ledge
Klaus Bohms (BRA) 300€

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