Adrenalin Games 2007 summary from Russia with love

On September 22nd and 23rd, the Krylatskoye Skating Center hosted the Adrenalin Games in Moscow. The two-day contest included five events (skateboarding, BMX, aggressive inline skating (Ed.: what a name!), mountainboarding, wakeboarding) and ran as it had been planned: free-of-charge buses used to transport spectators to the place from the Molodyozhnaya metro station; riders highly appreciated the park set up by Andreas Schutzenberger; and 15.000 people came out to watch the events held in the skate park and on the Grebnoy channel.

Here’s what the organizers have to tell us about what went doen in Russia that weekend:

It was the channel that the Games got the first winners from, for unlike all the rest contests wakeboarding ran only one day – September 22. Everybody on the channel enjoyed the weather, and it was really awesome: it was sunny and warm till late in the evening. And towards the evening, it became pretty obvious that so far Nikita Mart’yanov was not to be defeated either by his compatriots or by the European guests.

Skateboarding gave us a great surprise since two C1rca riders – Sierra Fellers and Peter Ramondetta – were eager to take part in the contest, although initially they had only been to do the demo on September 23 (and the previous day – Sept. 22 – Adrenalin Games saw the demo of the Eastpack team). This fact has once again proved that Adrenalin Games match the European contest requirements and that they are attractive for the first-rate riders.

Skateboarding results are as follows: first place went to Lukas Danek, second place – Sierra Fellers, third place – Ruben Rodrigues, with Peter Ramondetta placed only fourth. The Russian riders were closing the skating top ten with Maksim Kruglov in eighth place (besides, he was awarded a special prize as the Best Russian Participant), Mikhail Kuzovenko in ninth place, and Denis Volkov in tenth place.

The best in the Game of Skate were Yoni Ettinger (Israel) and Aleksandr Rybakov (Russia). They were awarded by the Moscomsport head Mikhail Stepanyants, the Russian Skateboarding and Extreme Sports Federation president Oleg Savchenko, and the three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina. The Games emcee Yura Pashkov found it symbolic that Adrenalin Games 2007 were hosted by an ice arena and extreme sports participants were being awarded and supported by the three-time Olympic figure skating champion.

Having witnessed the end of the Games, people moved on to the after party at the Cicterna Hall club. Both riders and spectators in an informal chat shared the same opinion that Adrenalin Games were definitely a step forward either compared to or regardless of the last year Games. The organization of the contest, the skate park itself, the list of the riders, the judging – everything was high grade, which means that the story of the Games is no doubt to be continued. And we’ll be able to watch Adrenalin Games broadcast on the Sport TV Channel as soon as November.

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