All of the 1986 Thrasher Magazines online

Thrasher 1986

Back to the past with this flashback of information from Thrasher Magazine – the entire sixth year (1986) is available online to check out so. It’s a history lesson for some and just great to see who was doing what back in 1986. I love the advertisements and especially the clothing, but I can’t say anything against the style. I remember running around in my Vision shorts, skating on a Psycho deck…the days when you knew the name of a board without seeing the graphics.

Just to mention the names of the people on the 1986 covers: Claus Grabke, Allen Losi, Natas Kaupas, Tommy Guerrero, Lester Kasai, Glenn Danzig, Jesse Martinez, Mike Valley, Mark Gonzales, Tony Hawk and Chris Miller.

Here’s the link over to the 1986 Thrasher Magazines

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