Am Scramble 2018

Am Scramble 2018 – Am Skateboarding Deluxe

The 2nd Am Scramble 2018 was organized by Thrasher Magazine to bring together once again some of the best amateur skateboarders and take them to a plethora of rad spots.

Texas was chosen as the state to go to, many incredible (and incredibly tough) spots were chosen. And the skaters definitely did not disappoint in this really rad video edit. All the skaters are so talented but both the Delfino’s and Tanner Van Vark stood out especially for me!

Featuring skating by Kader Sylla, Fabiana Delfino, Pedro Delfino, Henry Gartland, Jaakko Ojanen, Tanner Van Vark, Gabriel Summers, Simon Bannerot and Justin Henry

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