Amoeba evolves into a skateboarder?

Amoeba evolves into a skateboarder?

Wow! Some media people really think that putting skateboarding into an ad is going to make it sell. Okay, chewing gum commercials do have to bend the limits to get their product noticed but some of these advertisements really go overboard – you start wondering what else they have to take to come up with these ideas or if they have been back to the copying board, picking out old and used-up concepts and spitting them out again.

This commercial from EXTRA chewing gum show an amoeba eating a piece of gum and then developing through the well-known different states – a fish, some crawling creature, a monkey, half cavemen surfing down a hill straight into a bowl and blasting and air out – the whole time eating the same piece of gum. Nice one, sure is good for a laugh!

*Thanks to Skate and Annoy for posting this one, I just had to repost it!*

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