Andrew Reynolds Wins The Washington DC Maloof Money Cup

Andrew Reynolds came and conquered the highly promoted Maloof Money Cup 2011 contest in Washington DC and casually skated away with $160,000 in prize money. Damn crazy to be writing these numbers in combination with skateboard contests but that seems to be the way things are moving forward these days.

Check out Andrew’s winning run below and some of the amateur level skateboarding which goes well beyond anything that I would call amateur! And of course all of the results for the Maloof Money Cup 2011 in Washington, just read the whole post…

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Pro final results:

1. Andrew Reynolds
2. Ronnie Creager
3. Bastien Salabanzi
4. Manny Santiago
5. Jack Curtin
6. Greg Lutzka

Amateur final results:

1. Ishod Wair
2. Matt Berger
3. Trevor Colden
4. Kyle Walker
5. Kevin Romar
6. Alec Majures

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