Anonymous Zone

What Youth does basically what I like to do and they do it really well. Combine everything you like to do, write about it, document it, film it, publish it.

With the video clip Anonymous Zone they travelled to Japan with the guides Rip Zinger and Arto Saari and took some great skaters with them: Ishod Wair, Peter Ramondetta, Raven Tershy and Kevin Terpening. The filming feels like it is putting you right there and it’s a good mix of skateboarding and what happens while touring a country and filming/photographing it. The story and the photos are available in Issue 13 which you can a sneak peek at right here.

Directed by Kai Neville. Filmed by Kai Neville, Michael Cukr and Jared Lucas

ANONYMOUS ZONE from What Youth on Vimeo.

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