Antiz and Eastpak to tour the south of Spain

Antiz and Eastpak Hobo Tour

Going on a skateboard tour with some friends has always been an essential part of skateboarding since I can remember being able to tell my parents I’m off for a week of travelling. These days companies are sending their teams out to get footage from all over the world for new videos, advertisements, interviews and more and a lot of the time it doesn’t really represent what a skate trip is in my opinion.

The skaters at Antiz Skateboards are teaming up with Eastpak for a slightly different type of skate tour – 14 skaters supposedly will be riding scooters – yes, scooters from April 3rd till the 13th through the south of Spain to find and shred as many spots as possible during the “Hobo Tour”. The main catch – they should only have an Eastpak bag with them. Hmmm, it sure sounds different and like a lot of fun and a bit smelly as well. The good thing is that a blog has been set up for the skaters to deliver the news daily for all of us to watch what is really happening, what spots they are hitting or if the scooters can take the roads.

So mark this in your calendar and hit the Antiz Eastpak Hobo Tour blog now, updates are already coming regarding the preperation of the tour.

Hobo Tour website
Antiz Skateboards website

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