Antwuan Dixon Final Epicly Laterd Episode

Antwuan Dixon Final Epicly Laterd Episode

I just finished watching the final episode of the four part Epicly Later’d series featuring Antwuan Dixon. I’ve been following his rise to skate fame from the very beginning and his run in with certain factors in life have definitely had a strong impact on him in the past couple of years. I personally do believe that everybody has certain phases in life which are difficult, bring you down or which just bring out bad things which all of us have inside of us.

It’s just pretty sad for me to see such a talented skater/person throwing it away – being wasted all the time gets nobody no where. Just my opinion, watch the video and make your own or even better, let me know what you think about it. Just to let you compare, I’ve added in his Baker 3 part to push my point. Have fun, party but think about tomorrow while you are doing it.

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