Area51 skatepark in Eindhoven, Holland

Area51 skatepark, Eindhoven

The new Area51 skatepark is located in the center of Eindhoven and it is an amazing skatepark. The entire floor is built on wood so the ridfe is extremely smooth. A large bowl which was the scene for the Globe Bowlbash finals 2006 is certainly one of the main reasons to go there but there is something for everybody here.
A mini-ramp which is around 15 meters wide and a little under 2 meters high with a spine, hip and an elevator around a corner. A super mini-ramp is there as well plus a street area which will make any skaters mouth water.

It costs 5 Euros to get in and they are open every day of the week until at least 10 in the evening. This is a “must visit” skatepark!!

Here’s the map, the park is located in the Beukelaan street in Eindhoven. You’ll find it! To get more info visit the Area51 skatepark website here…

[gmap name=’Area51′ lat=’51.44394′ lng=’5.44925′ width=’680′ zoom=’14’ desc=’Area51, Eindhoven, Holland’]

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