Arto Saari At Home And On The Road Video

Dwell a bit with Arto Saari and watch some class skating!

Take a ride with Arto Saari through some days in his life.

I usually keep my opinion to myself, especially about skateboard products unless I like them and want to test them myself. Gravis Footwear is a difficult piece of product terrain to talk about when it comes to the shoes they have put out on the market. Okay, I haven’t actually had any of the series in my hands to look at or even worse on my feet to really test. But some of the designs which have ppeared looked more like bad business shoes for an even worse suit and I’m not even talking about the sole of the shoes.

Let me be fair – you have to test them to know how they feel like. And I believe that shoe developer can try to come up with a skate shoe which doesn’t look like the generic skate shoe. The Gravis shoe series just didn’t work right on me from the beginning. I have though seen some of the newer versions and Arto Saari is getting his own signature shoe in February 2010 so I’m looking forward to the new shoes – maybe the right contacts at Gravis will hear this cry for a resolution of my shoe problem and let me test some of the shoes soon.

While we’re waiting, enjoy some of Arto’s great skating in this video:

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