Arto Saari’s Alien Workshop products preview

Things can move really fast in the skateboard industry and this can be seen with Arto Saari’s change over to Alien Workshop. The designers have been busy putting together his line of products which go by the name “Abduction” (pretty much fits the picture…) showing Arto on his decks being brainwashed by some…yeah, you got it, aliens!

As you can see below Alien Workshop has even put together a special “Arto Abduction Kit” with 3 decks in different sizes, a t-shirt, a pillow case (what? well, it does look cool but why a pillow case? Have special brainwave manipulating creatures been sewn into the fabric? Probably not…darn.), some stickers and a poster. Should be interesting to see where this package can be bought (international or not), anybody know?

– Alien Workshop website

Arto Saari and Alien Workshop
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