Asphalt Anthology = Girl and Chocolate Skateboards video repository

Asphalt Anthology

Asphalt Anthology is an excellent source of information about a major part of skateboard history which gives those of us interested in the work, sweat and effort going into creating skateboard videos an insight into who worked behind the scenes at Girl and Chocolate Skateboards to bring out the outstanding videos which have left a big mark on skateboarding itself.

Chosen parts of all of the released videos have been made available for free on this site and background information about the cinematographers Aaron Meza, Tim Dowling, Spike Jonze and Ty Evans rounds off this well developed site. Talk about having some hard-hitters for your filming team with Ty Evans and Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich ring any bells with you??).

And I have to agree with the statement on the homepage – it is very convenient to be able to watch it online but it sure is relaxing to chill with your friends and watch the video in full quality on a tv screen.


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