Uphill – A Film By James Cruickshank

Uphill was filmed and edited by James Cruickshank for Grey Skateboard Magazine together with Converse Cons. Filmed on location in and around Seoul, South Korea featuring skating by Felipe Bartolome, Paul Grund, Bobby De Keyzer, Remy Taveira, Jamie Platt and Juan Virues. South Korea really looks like a fun place full of spots to skate […]

Lakai -The Flare

Time Travel With “Lakai – The Flare”

How could anybody forget Lakai’s full-length video “The Flare” from just last year. 63 minutes of total skateboard destruction with a roster of skaters which is incredible: Cody Chapman, Danny Brady, James Capps, Jesus Fernandez, Johnny Jones, Jon Sciano, Mike Carroll, Nico Haraga, Raven Tershy, Rick Howard, Riley Hawk, Sebo Walker, Simon Bannerot, Stevie Perez, […]