Bacon Skateboards break open the video vault

Bacon Skateboards and The Bacon Video

Well, believe it or not (or just don’t care) but after sort of getting well for two days I’m sick again so what do you do on days like these? Cover up, get something warm to drink and watch videos, hell yeah! And I came across a bunch of goodies from Bacon Skateboards with some down to Earth skating, drinking and having fun with some good music to make it all perfect. Just jump on over to the Bacon Skateboards site right here and enjoy some of their videos!

On top of all of that the brand spanking new Bacon Skateboards video “The Bacon Movie” is available for free, full of concrete shredding and other crazy skateboard stunts from this very sympathetic team. Enjoy it right here on Europeskate, one of my favorites already, it brings that skateboard feeling right back home!

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