Bacon Skateboards Decks Design By Mark Conahan

Bacon Skateboards Decks Design By Mark Conahan

Ever heard of Mark Conahan? Well, if you are a bit younger it’s easily possible that the name has passed you by. Mark was born back in 1961 in New York before moving two years later to California and basically growing up in Los Angeles. He started skating at the age of 12 (so 1973 you math wizards) and besides skating he is into doing art.

For Bacon Skateboards he created a new deck series based on his comic series “Hopeless Old Men On Skateboards” for their summer 2010 product range. Check them out and I included a video interview for ma while back with Mark himself.

» Bacon Skateboards website
» Hopeless Old Men On Skateboards /Anti Gravity Press website
» Juice Magazine Issue 65 online partial interview

Mark Conahan “Exposed”
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