BAILGUN Magazine 8.2 and a new book!

BAILGUN Magazine 8.2 and a new book

The winter came quickly and quite harsh in Germany – most of Europe to be straight about it. Through other factors in my life I have been missing out on a few events and meeting up with people in the last couple of months but as always, you can change what you are doing can’t you?

I finally got around to checking out fellow skater and photographer friend Gerd Rieger’s website “Bailgun” again and it turns out he’s been busy as hell lately. He’s put out issue 8.2 of Bailgun Magazine which features Claus Grabke’s band and The Picturebooks on tour – great photos and a skate legend on stage, really really good!

And besides that Gerd has put together an amazing book with more than 250 pages of skateboarding, portraits, still life shots, landscapes and general snapshots…..featured skaters are: Anders Tellen, Neil Blender, Jürgen Horrwarth, Matt Grabowski, Natas Kaupas, Ben Krahn, Daniel Cardone, Renton Millar,
Bernt Jahnel, Trevor Ward, Sascha Müller and many more. Get it here while you can!

brand new book from Gerd Rieger
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