Bailgun Magazine Issue 6 out now!

Bailgun Magazine Issue 6

It has taken a while but the guys behind Bailgun Magazine (Gerd Rieger and Markus Mhueller) have put together yet another nice issue of the beloved magazine, #6 to be exact. A good spread of articles has a bit of everything for the readers to dive into with reports about photographer Thomas Kalak, an interview with Steve Olson, the G8 summit from a photographer’s point of view
and a road trip to Holland and Belgium to skate some great concrete parks and more.

I have been lucky enough to yet again be involved in translating the magazine and watching it develop. Bailgun keeps moving and now has a brand new blog to bridge the days inbetween issues. And the issues will be coming out on a regular basis as it seems with the next issue planned for May 2008! So get over to the site and download your copy.

Bailgun Magazine blog:

Download Bailgun Magazine #6 in screen quality (72dpi) / 12,3 MB
Download Bailgun Magazine #6 in print quality (150dpi) / 45,9 MB

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Hey, it’s our first Europeskate ad! Now what does the picture have to do with skateboarding? NOTHING!
Factory Bowl article in Bailgun Magazine
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