BAILGUN Magazine Issue #7 out now!

BAILGUN Magazine Issue #7 out now!

Got to push your local friends and I gladly do it for Gerd Rieger’s BAILGUN Magazine which has just reached issue #7 – the Swedish Issue. Featuring loads of great photos and insights into the Quiksilver Bowlriders Finals in Malmö, Sweden this past summer 2008. I was there with Gerd so this is a great issue to look through and get an impression about some of the action that took place.

Axel Torschmied from the website is also a talented German photographer living in Sweden currently and he rounds off the magazine with a series of pictures from southern Sweden. I also met up with him in Malmö which made the entire experience a blast.

Simplistic layout with some wording spread in between make this BAILGUN issue a great extra for your coffee table in the living room.

Download the PDF version of BAILGUN Magazine Issue #7 here

Here’s a real mini-version of the Flash book – just click on it to flip through the full size version!

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