Bailgun Magazine Skateboard Contest Issue 13 Out Now

One of my all-time favorite skateboard magazines, Bailgun, is back with the newest issue #13 which is a contest-only issue featuring from front to back great photography from some of Europe’s best pool / bowl contests in 2011 – The Transition Tango in Stuttgart, Germany; The Volcom Bergfest in Muenster, Germany and The Ultra Bowl in Malmo, Sweden.

It just is a different experience than a website-only based description of a contest so enjoy the captured moments, I’m even in there on page 42 enjoying the life in Muenster as a judge (third guy from the left with the beard – all of us drinking beer while Ben Hatchell is standing on the very left getting ready to drop in and rip the concrete to bits!), thanks Gerd!

Make sure you check out the Bailgun blog as there’s a lot more good photography waiting!

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