Baker Skateboards with a website and tour

Baker Skateboards website

I don’t know how long this took but it doesn’t really matter: Baker Skateboards has gone from a screensaver page to a full-fledged website which is straight to the point. Nice graphics, easy navigation with a blog / news section as well so no getting lost on this site. I personally like the horizontal scrollable deck area which gives me a quick overview of all of their boards without having to click around.

Baker Skateboards website

For all of you over in the States, here are the dates of the Baker Deathwish Tour which gets started July 14th!

The Baker Deathwish Tour dates

July 14 Cowtown, Phoenix, Arizona
July 16 Beach Zone, Albuquerque, New Mexico
July 18 Arockalypse, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 19 The Board Shop, Tulsa, Oklahoma
July 21 Escapist, Kansas City, Missouri
July 22 Classic Boards, Springfield, Missouri
July 23 Infinity, St. Louis, Missouri
July 25 Uprise, Chicago, Illinois
July 27 Subsect, Des Moines, Iowa
July 28 Precision, Lincoln, Nebraska
July 30 Milosport, Salt Lake City, Utah
August 2 Pharmacy, Las Vegas, Nevada

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