Baltic Games in Gdansk, Poland August 8 – 10

Baltic Games

Jumping around Europe today and in August (8th till the 10th) the Baltic Games will be taking place in the town of Gdansk, Poland. The event is made up out of a combination of skateboard street, bmx, mountain biking, skim boarding and motocross (a lot of sports going on there…) and parties/concerts in the evenings (Friday is hip-hop day, Saturday punk rock day and Sunday is the reggae day for coming down again…).

Baltic Games park

Sounds like a fair amount of fun if you are in the area. I didn’t see anything about prizes yet but the event site is up and they seem to be translating everything into English as well so have a look:

Baltic Games website

Here’s where Gdansk, Poland is on our planet!

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Baltic Games flyer

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