Bam Margera going ecological with Plup?

Bam Margera going ecological with Plup?

Hmmm, somehow I don’t really think that is happening but I don’t want to be putting rumours out there now do I? Well, let me just write about what I see. Bam can be watched in an advertisement for the Finnish company Plup pushing it’s water container products in a viral ad movie circulating through the Internet under the name of “Life and Death” or I am guessing the same in Finnish – great language by the way! you never know if they are angry or happy just by listening to them talk – “Elämä ja Kuolema”. Correct me if I am wrong out there…

At the end I think the meaning of the ad is that you can beat death with these water bottles and what the company is actually doing is a cool cause. Here’s part of the statement from their website: “In Finland PLUP Ltd donates 10 euro cents from each PLUP bottle sold, directly to the Baltic Sea Action Group. These donated funds are used in full for cleaning up the Baltic Sea.

PLUP will be funding cleaning operations outside the Finnish borders as well. Wherever PLUP sells drinks in the unique bottle, a major share of the profit is donated for environmental issues. From country to country we will seek local environmental concerns and areas that are in need of help.” The bottles are made of HDPE, a highly recyclable plastic, so let’s hope that the bottles make it back to the recycling plant and not to the trash dump where they are burned and let off lovely toxic fumes for all of us to breathe.

What sort of gets me is the ecological connection and then looking back at Bam’s collection of cars, how he smashed them up and chugged loads of gasoline with a Lamborghini….well, don’t we all just have our sins in the closet somewhere, doesn’t mean one can’t change for the better.

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