Bamboo skate decks or Canadian Maple?

Bamboo skate decks or Canadian Maple?

The skateboard deck industry is becoming ever more competitive in the past years and this has led to new ideas and directions being followed in the development of the boards we trust. This can’t be seen as something bad as the industry has to push the limits to make decks evolve, become better, lighter, more robust and add that little extra of pop than the other companies.

I have no idea how these bamboo decks from BambooSK8 will pass the test of skating (I’ll be contacting them, let’s see if we can get some test boards over to Europe…) but I do like the idea of using a fast growing plant which has and does prove its strength even in skyscraper scaffolding constructions in certain countries. So it should do the job for a skate deck.

The green effect is an “extra bonus” which all of of us should look at more closely. Bamboo is harvested but does not have to be replanted like trees do. Maple trees are cut down after growing for several decades and if the facts are all true on the site, skateboarding is in place #31 for causing deforestation in North America. I’m not going to dive ointo that topic as I would have to spend a few days investigating all of the facts, who replants trees and all of the related factors.

So, no I am not putting down other manufacturing processes as I will continue to ride maple boards. But the concept behind BambooSK8 is interesting and definitely worth following in the next few months. You can find them at the ASR tradeshow in San Diego this weekend, booth #3519 or visit their website for more information.

BambooSK8 website

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