Bams Or Bust – The Adventure Begins

Bams Or Bust - The Adventure Begins

Bam Margera is back in the limelight – as if he ever left it – with the trailer from the upcoming free video release of “Bams Or Bust” which will be shown on the Element Skateboards site October 1st, 2008. On board in this movie are Bam, Mike V, Darrell Stanton, Brent Atchley, Chad Tim Tim, Collin Provost and Brandon Novak.

Here’s the hype talk straight from the Element website:

Experience first hand what happens when you plan a casual Element team visit to Bam’s compound in the woods of Pennsylvania and things take some unexpected turns, well actually…all hell breaks loose!

This film documents the Element team and select cast of characters in an all-out wrecking session of everything in their path. From skate sessions to random antics around town, a trip to Bam’s is not something to be taken casually and not for the weak at heart.

Element Skateboards website

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