Band Check-Out: Blacklisted with live video

Band Check-Out: Blacklisted with live video

Vacation and new music = must have situation. So I embarked on a little musical journey this morning to find a band I had either just casually listened or never even heard of. That’s a pretty easy task these days with the immense amount of different possibilities just at our fingertips. So it didn’t take long and I was listening into “Blacklisted“, a grand hardcore band formed in Philadelphia. And what a better way to get to know them than watching a 35 minute concert video which is just raw. Pretty good sound for an unedited video as well so enjoy it below.

And if you like what you heard, they have quite a few EPs and LPs out, their latest recording from April 2008 entitled “Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God”.

Blacklisted MySpace page
Deathwish Inc. record label

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