Battle At The Berrics 2 – The Semi-Final Videos!

Battle At The Berrics 2 - The Semi-Final Videos!

I missed out on quite a few of the Berrics Battles in the last few weeks but now it’s semi-finals time so I’m back in there with the videos featuring Chris Cole vs Torey Pudwill and Cory Kennedy vs Paul Rodriguez.

A pretty moving tribute to a skater who had some serious medical problems was also mentioned with the kid himself and several other people who invested their time and energy into raising money for the him were shown – good luck with your eye surgery. And then I really wonder why so many people in the States are against reforming the health care system – a system that just plain sucks head. It works in Europe…whatever, enjoy the videos!

» check out the Berrics website here!

Cory Kennedy vs. Paul Rodriguez
Chris Cole vs. Torey Pudwill
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