Battle at the Berrics 2 Update

Yes, I haven’t been pushing the Battle at the Berrics 2 lately and I’m quite sure that most of you following the action can easily type in Berrics in Google and get to the site. Nevertheless I do want to keep myself and the trusty readers of Europeskate up-to-date with what is going on.

The skaters in the second up till now are: Chris Cole, Dennis Busenitz, Rick Howard, Peter Ramondetta, Mark Appleyard, Torey Pudwill, Gilbert Crockett, Jerry Hsu, Paul Rodriguez, Josiah Gatlyn and Cory Kennedy. And who won the latest Battle between the Lizard King and Heith Kichart? Take a look right here to see…

For all of the Battles at the Berrics 2, just head over to the Berrics site

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