The Matix Progress Tangram commercials

The Matix Progress Tangram commercials

Daewon skates a duck, Jeron frontslide flips a house and MJ slides a cat. Marty Murawski, Mike Anderson and Torey Pudwill are also part of the fun in the latest Matix Clothing commercial series “Progress Tangram” which will be airing on FUEL tv. The whole idea behind these simple looking commercials is based on the concept of tangrams which are dissection puzzles. They consist of seven pieces, called tans, which fit together to form a shape of some sort. The objective is to form a specific shape with seven pieces. The shape has to contain all the pieces, which may not overlap.

Have a look below at the two videos which show the behind-the-scenes of the making of the commercials.

MATIX How’d They Do That? PART 1
MATIX How’d They Do That? PART 2
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