Bellows Skateboards bringing out first video in November

Bellows Skateboards is premiering with their first video titled “Lurking Class” featuring skaters Love Eneroth, Mika Edin, Johan Florell and Ola Löwbeer. November 16 marks the date of the first show of Lurking Class at the “El Amir” in Stockholm and at 19.00 o’clock at Streetlab skateshop in Malmö. Carry on to see the skaters and the flyer.

Here’s what the people over at Bellow Skateboards have to say about the video: “Lurking Class has been six long months in the making and filming has taken the team from Bredang to Sodertalje and back. Martin Karlsson, filmer, editor and Head Ideologist of Lurking Class explains: The whole team is in it and so is music. It is very long compared to most skate videos from 1993 and making it was a lot like juggling gravy. Hope to see you there”.

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