Ben Hatchell Wins The Phoenix Am 2012 Contest Again

Ben Hatchell made me a fan after watching him last year shred the Munster bowl in Germany to bits with absolutely no effort at all. At the Phoenix AM 2012 contest he was on the list of the most-likely-to win skaters after walking away with first place in 2011.

Well, let’s not make this all full of suspense and you probably have heard already anyway: Ben Hatchell won again, with solid and stylish runs in front of an incredibly tough group of top amateur skaters like Robbie Brockell, Louie Lopez, Luke Hampton, Alex Midler, Tyson Bowerbank, Dylan Perry, Trevor Colden, Moose, Taylor Smith, Clive Dixon, Taylor McClung, David Loy, Clint Walker, RayRay Feaste, Curren Caples, and more shredding in the hot desert sun. Check out Ben Hatchell’s winning run, a summary of Saturday’s qualifying runs and the top twelve results + the best trick winner.

Final Results
1. Ben Hatchell – $3,000
2. Julian Christianson – $2,000
3. Jack Olson – $1,000
4. Louie Lopez
5. Trevor Colden
6. Jon Consentino
7. Taylor McClung
8. Auby Taylor
9. Robbie Brockel
10. Luke Hampton
11. Tommy Fynn
12. Ryan Strader

Best Trick
1. Jack Olson – Nosegrind nollie flip out – $2,500

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