Best Of Both Pool Skate Contest in Düsseldorf,Germany

Best Of Both Pool Skate Contest in Düsseldorf,Germany

More contest news floating in today as I discovered that the OMSA pool warehouse which now has two wooden pools will be the place to be October 25th and 26th 2008.

Two days of terror at the Düsseldorfer Factory / OMSA bowls starting at midday both days. Two starting groups are available, entry fees are 30 Euros for the A group and 20 Euros for the B group. Three contests will be held and no, this is NOT an invitational contest so come and enjoy! Here are the “disciplines”:

1. Best of both Bowls, Samstag/Sonntag
2. Highest air/”fang den hunni” or “grab the 100 Euro bill”
3. Doubles!

1.500 Euros in prize money plus a lot of hardware prizes are up for grabs with surely some good food and beer to make everybody happy!

Check out a lot of good pictures from the bowls right here.

one of the two pools!

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